I'm a photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I am a full time systems administrator for an airline which basically means I'm techy, nerdy, sit in front of a computer half the day, and do a lot of traveling - mostly for pleasure though. I was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Phoenix at a very young age and have been here ever since. It's home. I'm a movie junkie and show binger. My husband Juan and I host monthly game nights (or used to I should say, because you know - covid) with our friends and occasionally we host strangers from all over the world through Couchsurfing. People think we're weird because of that but it's actually a neat platform to meet other cool people. Oh, and we are proud parents to an adorable (but way too energetic) 3 year old Australian Shepherd dog named Camila - Cami for short.

I love meeting new people, new couples, and making new friends. And although I can be timid and quiet in certain situations, for the most part I'm very friendly, down-to-earth, can often talk way too much, but I am always up for an adventure. I'd love to hear from you and learn about you as well!


Gtrz is short for Gutierrez, my last name. You see, Leticia Gutierrez Photography or even Gutierrez Photography just seemed way too long and complicated, so I settled on Gtrz. It's pronounced by its initials! Like I mentioned before, I love what I do and my goal is simple: I want you to be truly happy with not just your images, but also the the experience of having your photos taken and be satisfied with the results: beautiful, candid images that represent beautiful, raw memories. 
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